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Michelle Duckett

About the Owner

Born in Santa Barbara and raised in Santa Ynez, California it was expected that Michelle Duckett would follow in her parents’ footsteps and take over one of the many the family businesses in automotive, real estate management, and development. However, her passion for animals in the tender years of her childhood, particularly horses, guided her down her own path. Michelle studied with anyone and everyone she possibly could to polish, sharpen, and craft her passion. She has studied and ridden just about every discipline from jumpers, Polo, Rodeo, and Cutting Horses.

However, her business and entrepreneurial spirit proved to be just as strong as her love of animals. At the young age of 8, Michelle began buying, training, and selling horses with her father. At 19, Michelle started working in the Automotive Business, which later led to running full spectrum trade show road crews teams. After years of travel, she decided to stay a bit more local, accepting a role as a Los Angeles-based Medium Duty Freightliner Dealership. Michelle became a prominent figure in the truck business, not to mention one of the only women in the industry, and soon decided to take her knowledge and start her own online dealership. With that came more freedom, as well as impending burnout. After 16 years in the Automotive industry, Michelle decided it was time to switch gears and make some exciting, but scary life changes.

In 2014, a longtime family friend came to Michelle asking her to take over his vacation rental estate. The offer was intriguing, as she had knowledge and interest in rentals and real estate from her family businesses. Michelle quickly dove head first into learning this exciting and growing industry – from adverting, housekeeping, chefs, screening guests, down to thread count. She launched the business in May of 2015, and it was an immediate success. In Novemeber of 2015, Michelle acquired the management of the “Boutique Vineyard Estate”, and was also offered the opportunity to produce her own wine.  In Spring of 2018, her first Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon Blend will be bottled.  

Michelle feels fortunate to be able to do what she loves, and incorporate all of her passions into a business that creates a win-win relationship between home owners and guests. She’s thrilled to be able to share the beauty and magic of Santa Barbara County with Mainstay Luxury Estates guests, and she welcomes you to experience it for yourself.

Michelle Duckett


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